Passing the Point - Sailboat Painting - Sailing Art - Yacht Art - Living Room Decor - Wall Art

 "Passing the Point" |  11" x 14" | Oil on canvas panel
©2014 by Kim VanDerHoek 

While visiting the town of Oxford in Maryland, I stopped to paint in the area during an outdoor painting event in that took place in nearby Easton. There was enough of a breeze past the point for sailboats to go sailing but in the cove the water was mostly calm with lots of reflections. Since it was a hot and humid morning the sky turned a wonderful shade of pink. That's something that doesn't happen very often in California and when it does it's usually at sunrise or sunset. In Maryland I've see that unique shade of pink in the sky at all times of the day. 

I feel very lucky to be able to get to know an unfamiliar place through painting outdoors, I always experience and learn new things. It's led to some wonderful adventures and unforgettable moments.


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