What My Students Are Saying

"I really enjoyed Kim's class. She worked with each person individually and helped us see how to capture life on a 2-D  surface. I particularly appreciated her teaching on perspective and how to mix colors to get the desired result. She gives good feedback and encouragement. I recommend her class for anyone wanting to improve their plein air skills."

"I am relatively new to painting with oils. I have taken both of Kim's classes. She limits class size to give enough personal attention to each student. I find Kim to be very helpful and informative. She appreciates feedback and will do whatever she can to make a subject more understood. She has an easy personal style which is both positive and encouraging. Kim structures her teaching to make oil painting appear rather "simple". Her instructions are clear, concise and to the point. I highly recommend her classes to the beginner and to the more seasoned artist who wants to try the Plein air experience with a group!" 

"Kim selects great painting locations, and provides detailed directions to get you to the right spot. She works with both experienced and beginning painters and she takes the time to help you improve regardless of your skill level. Kim does a great job of explaining each step as she paints so that you understand what colors she mixed and why you would use those colors to get the desired effect.  It was great to get some solid ideas for how to create 3D-space in a painting. I highly recommend her classes!"

"I have only attended three  of Kim's classes, but I learned more in those three sessions than I learned in all of my college art classes combined-and I have a minor in fine arts. I have learned about mixing colors, using warm and cool colors to create depth, about laying out the composition of my paintings, about selecting what part of the landscape to include, and a great deal more. Kim is not only an excellent instructor, but she is positive and supportive. She always makes you feel like you have done a great job, while still helping you see what you can improve upon. I have never had an art class that I enjoyed more."

"You are a wonderful teacher, we have so enjoyed your class!"

"Thanks again for some GREAT feedback and pointers in my paintings. You are a fabulous teacher! I look forward to the next class."

You are by far the best teacher I have had, as you give me such excellent feedback and criticism. Thank you so much for all that!"

"I appreciate your hands on approach to teaching and your patient and positive attitude when I am discouraged with the outcome of my painting. Your encouraging words keep me coming back. Thank you!"

"I have taken both of Kim's classes.  I appreciate her constructive, positive style of teaching.  She is excellent at communicating what is happening on her (or my) canvas.  I have taken various painting classes that included very little instruction.  Although enjoyable, I didn't feel like I was improving much.  Since taking Kim's classes, I feel and see great improvement in my painting."  

"Having taken classes (both plein air and classroom) with Kim, I have found her really easy to follow along with and she helps me to see where I can improve and points out the good parts of the painting. Kim is extremely patient and knowledgeable and I have enjoyed each session. Thank you Kim!"

"Taking Kim's one day plein air workshop in Laguna was exactly the right amount of instruction and motivation I needed! She provided a lot of help with color mixing, use of warm and cool colors, composition and value. I loved watching her demo and afterwards she gave me just the 'right' amount of individual instruction to help resolve my problem areas. When we had finished our day, Kim gave a very balanced group critique of our work and I learned a lot from that. She understands how to motivate by pointing out a paintings strong points while also explaining how to make it even better with a few corrections. Very balanced and fair!"


"For plein air artists who want to improve their work in oils I would highly recommend Kim's classes. She is great at providing realistic, accurate instructive advice and criticism in a positive and understanding manner."

"Thank you again for such a nice, fun and informative workshop today."

"Kim is a born teacher, as well as a talented artist. She sees problem areas in a painting immediately, and offers solutions which she then allows her students to execute. She never pushes her own style, but helps her students find their own. She is one of the most encouraging people I know, but isn't afraid to dish out a bit of "tough love" when needed. I highly recommend both her studio and plein air classes."


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