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Beware of Anyone Trying to Sell You Magic Beans - Why Artists Should Be Careful About Spending Money on Art Marketing Courses

“Key Bridge Arches” oil on 11” x 14” panel. Sold. The super hot thing being sold to artists these days is a promise. For “X” amount of money different  people are promising to give you all the answers to unlocking a super-successful, get rich, live in a giant mansion on a hilltop answer to being financially successful as an artist. While many of these courses and DVDs do contain solid, actionable content you can use to benefit your career, none of them have the quick, easy answer everyone is desperately searching for. NONE. OF. THEM. It doesn’t matter who they are, what their background is or how well known they are in the art community. Please know, I’m not knocking anyone who provides good content at a reasonable price but, I will say this, beware of anyone whose answer to that question is for you to spend a LOT more money with them, whether it’s through an ongoing online course or through advertising. If you feel strongly that you need structured guidance in order to

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