Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting Some Sun - Original Oil Painting of a White Duck - Wildlife Painting

"Getting Some Sun" - 6" x 6" - Oil on canvas panel.
Available at

This was a fun exercise I had my students do in painting class. I gave them a photo of the duck and asked them to draw three thumbnail sized value studies, each with a different composition. They also had to crop into the image, I cautioned them to avoid centering the whole body of the duck in the middle of their canvases and to look for opportunities to create interesting negative shapes. Here is my example painting for the class. It was a fun exercise!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

6" Squared Art Show Opening Reception Video at Randy Higbee Gallery

In case you missed the opening reception for the 6" Squared show at Randy Higbee Gallery, one of his staff members, Jessica Wolfe, put this video together. Now you can get a sense of how large the show is and how well-attended. It really is a fun evening.

If you watch the whole video you might even catch a glimpse of yours truly. Thanks goodness I slapped on some make-up and brushed my hair!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Autumn Riverbed - Original Oil Painting of Trees and a Riverbed - Fall Colored Oil Painting

"Autumn Riverbed" - 9" x 12" - Oil on canvas panel. 
©2012 By Kim VanDerHoek

A while ago I met two friends, Dori Dewberry and Greg LaRock, at the Irvine Regional Park in Orange for an outdoor painting session.

In spring the riverbed usually has water in it but during our hot summer weather it evaporates and stays dry until the rains come. It is still a beautiful painting spot and I enjoy going there to see the trees begin to change color in the fall.

All three of us painted different versions of this same view. I always enjoy seeing the unique way each person interprets the scene, it always gives inspires me to think outside of my comfort zone and to try new ideas. You can see Dori's painting by clicking here.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Way Home - Award Winning Original Oil Painting of a Country Road

 "The Way Home" - 6" x 8" - Oil on canvas panel.
Available at

©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek

For the first time the Debra Huse Gallery on Balboa Island, California has an art show featuring small paintings (8" x 8" or 6" x 8") in a variety of styles and subjects on display now through January. Randy Higbee was the judge for the show and he awarded my painting second place at the opening reception. I have to say there are a lot of real gems in this show, all are reasonably priced and with 60 paintings hanging the show it is easy to see and not overwhelming. If you are in the area I highly recommend seeing it!

Debra Huse Gallery
229 Marine Ave.
Balboa Island, CA 92662
(949) 723-6171

November 30th - January 6th

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Randy Higbee - 6" Squared Art Show 2012 - Landscape and Still Life Paintings

"Yard Day" -  6" x 6" - Oil on canvas panel. - $350
©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek


This scene is from a street in the City of Tustin, CA near my house. I love finding subjects like this that are normal everyday things and turning them into paintings.

My favorite show of the holiday season is here - the 6" Squared show at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. This show attracts some of the best painters from across the country and because each painting is required to be 6" x 6" many are very affordable. The quality and number of paintings in this show is staggering, there really is something for everyone.

Every year I look forward to participating in the show and am always pleased when a painting of mine gets juried in. Last year I was awarded an honorable mention which was thrilling because there were a LOT of truly amazing paintings! This year I have 3 paintings in the show and they are available for sale before the opening reception, simply click the links below or call the gallery at (800) 506-7624.

"Emerged" -  6" x 6" - Oil on canvas panel. - $350
©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek


 These were painted from still life set ups in my studio. I've been working on more still life paintings lately. It's fun being able to control the lighting and take my time with them plus, it give me an excuse to buy small pretty shiny objects and claim them as business expenses.

"Grabbing the Spotlight" -  6" x 6" - Oil on canvas panel. - $350
©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek


If you are not in the area or can't make it to the reception (which is a shame because Randy and his staff really know how to throw a party) then you can CLICK HERE to see all 600+ paintings online. Honestly though, the opening reception should not be missed. When viewing so many truly amazing paintings and chatting with the artists I guarantee you will need a glass of wine and a few snacks which Randy is always thoughtful enough to provide.

Randy Higbee Gallery 
102 Kalmus 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(800) 506-7624

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 8th, 5:00-9:00 p.m.
Show: December 8th - 21st