Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Twilight Squall - Original Oil Painting of a Storm at Sea - Cloud Painting - Ocean Storm Painting - Living Room Art - Family Room Art

”Twilight Squall” | 9" X 12" | Oil painting on canvas panel 
©2014 by Kim VanDerHoek

 A few months ago one of my students gave me a beautiful photo of this view and said I could use it to paint from. In the rush to teach class that night I forgot to ask where this view is located. Shortly after that she became ill and left the class permanently.

The original photo is of a beautiful coastal view and the image has been enhanced with a filter which made painting from it very challenging because the colors were off, in my opinion. It's funny how after painting in the field for so many years I am able to spot changes like that in an image. As a student I wouldn't have noticed at all. Now that I've stood at the edge of the sea time and again for the span of a day I am more familiar with how light and color behave.

I did enjoy painting from this altered image because it allowed me to play with color in some areas while in others I needed to adjust what I felt would realistically be seen at the shore.

Where did I make adjustments you ask? I had to lighten the clouds quite a bit as well as the sea. In the original image they were as dark as the bluffs, which didn't make sense visually in a painting. This exercise reminded me that what works in a successful photograph does not necessarily work in a painting and as an artist it's my job to edit accordingly.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chesapeake Bay Guardian at Sunrise - Original Oil Painting of the Historic Hooper Strait Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay - Living Room Art

”Chesapeake Bay Guardian” | 11" X 14" | Oil painting on canvas panel 
©2014 by Kim VanDerHoek

Last year I was one of the participating artists at Plein Air Easton, one of the best plein air events in the U.S. The organizers of the event do an amazing job of getting the artists access to many beautiful painting locations. The Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland is one of those spots. With many views to choose from and a spectacular sunrise, it's a popular place to paint.

While I was there scouting painting spots I snapped this photo of the Historic Hooper Strait Lighthouse at dawn that is part of the museum. Strangely, I ended up painting in a different spot that morning, only taking note of this beautiful view while looking at photos at home.

This is a studio painting that I did to get warmed up for Plein Air Easton 2014! in July. I am looking forward to returning this year and discovering new views to paint!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moored Reflections - Oil Painting of Sailboats at Sunrise - Sailboat Painting - Oxford Marina Painting- Living Room Art

”Moored Reflections” | 11" X 14" | Oil painting on canvas panel 
©2014 by Kim VanDerHoek

While visiting the town of Oxford in Maryland, I stopped to paint in the area during an outdoor painting event in that took place in nearby Easton. I got an early start, getting to Oxford before dawn. While scouting for a painting spot I had my camera in hand and snapped a photo of one of the many marinas there with the sun rising behind the sailboats. I ended up painting a different view that morning but luckily, I had a photo of this scene and recently decided to paint it in my studio.

In this painting planning where the reflections would be was just as important as planning where each boat was moored. I paid close attention to their placement, hoping to create an interesting visual rhythm.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Harvest Moon Rising - Original Oil Painting of the Moon - Sonoma Valley of the Moon Painting - Living Room Art - Bedroom Art - Wall Art

 ”Harvest Moon Rising” | 9" X 12" | Oil painting on canvas panel 
©2014 by Kim VanDerHoek

While in Sonoma Plein Air last year I was out painting right up until dusk. Just after packing up my outdoor painting gear the Harvest Moon rose into the sky. Since the light was quickly fading and I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get setup again, I snapped a photo of this view for reference so that I could recreate my impression of it in the studio. The color in the sky was absolutely amazing and the subtle colors of the earth were a nice counterpoint. Of course, the moon stole the show.

These are the moments outdoor painters live for and sadly, many of them are fleeting. I feel very lucky to have been able to witness this beautiful moment.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Parallel Parking Island Style - 8x10 Inch Original Oil Painting of Sailboats on the Water - Boat Painting - Wall Decor

"Parallel Parking, Island Style " | 8" x 10" | Oil on canvas panel | ©2014
Available at www.KimVanDerHoek.com

This small sailboat was docked and ready to put out to sea luckily, it stayed put long enough for me to paint it. This piece was created on location at Balboa Island in Newport Beach, CA.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Until Tomorrow - 8 x 6 Inch Small Original Oil Painting of a Surfer - Sunset Beach Painting - Surfer Painting - Wall Decor

"Until Tomorrow" | 8" x 6" | Oil on canvas panel | ©2014
Available at www.KimVanDerHoek.com

Every community has a popular activity and a culture that springs up around it. Here in Orange County surf culture is part of everyday life, from our clothing (flip flops year round), to the way we talk (Dude!) and to the food we eat (grilled fish tacos from Wahoos - oh yeah). I have to say that I love all of it but, sadly, I don't know how to surf. Instead, I stick to capturing surfers on canvas and I will just imagine what it must feel like to ride a wave.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Before the Rain - 9 x 12 Inch Original Impressionist Style Landscape Painting of Clouds - Wetland Painting - Living Room Art

"Before the Rain, Newport Back Bay" | 9" x 12" | Oil on canvas panel | ©2014

Painted on location at the Back Bay in Newport Beach, CA. 

An incoming storm brought some dramatic clouds above the Back Bay wetlands. When I spotted these particular clouds I worked quickly on my drawing and did my best to remember what they looked like because just a few minutes later these were gone and new clouds moved through the sky. It was actually a great exercise in painting from memory and I think the design of the clouds really enhances the composition.