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Up and Away - Orginal Oil Painting of Stairs - Urban Alley Painting - Urban Architecture Art - Cityscape Oil Painting

Strolling Along the Cove - Original Oil Painting of Crystal Cove State Beach - California Beach Painting - Plein Air Seascape Painting

Where Light and Shadow Meet - Original Oil Painting of Zion National Park - Twin Brothers Mountain Painting Zion Utah - Mountain of the Sun Oil Painting

Framed by Light - Original Oil Painting of a Eucalyptus Tree - Colorful Tree Painting - Plein Air Tree Painting

Hope's Garden - Origininal Oil Painting of Hope Garden in Maryland - Garden Painting

Pumpkin Patch Sycamore - Original Impressionist Style Oil Painting of a Tree and Pumpkins - Pumpkin Patch Painting - Kitchen Art

A Show on the Road - Original Oil Painting of a Trail - Tree Oil Painting - Autumn Oil Painting

Blackstar Reds - Original Oil Painting of Red Bluffs - Blackstar Canyon Oil Painting - Desert Oil Painting

Overlooking Aliso Beach - Original Oil Painting of Laguna Beach - Laguna Beach Painting - Seascape Painting

Side by Side - Original Oil Painting of White Flowers in a Bottle - Still Life White Flower Painting