Accepted Into The Salon International

Titled “Jewel Of The Coast”
11 X 14 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
Available at the Salon International Show

This has been an amazing week; first one of my paintings was selected for the Paint America Top 100 exhibit and now my painting “Jewel Of The Coast” has been juried into the Greenhouse Gallery Salon International.

The Salon has artists from all over the world enter and only a fraction of those who apply actually make it into the show. When I checked the web site and found my name on the accepted entries list I was thrilled.

Of course, when I called my husband to tell him the news I don’t think he really understood why I was practically hopping up and down (that’s nice, was his response). At least not until an artist friend of mine was jumping up and down for me in celebration - then the light bulb in his head lit up. Now he is having visions of retiring next year. I hate to burst his bubble just yet, so I’ll let those visions of Ferraris dance through his head for a while longer.

When I finished “Jewel Of The Coast” I was pleased with how it turned out and put it aside as a possible entry for the Salon. Recently, I painted a larger version of this same painting with a few minor tweaks. I’m bringing both home from the framer today and can’t wait to hang them up and see how they look.

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J Joy Nocifora said…
Congratulations on your acceptance into Salon International! This painting is gorgeous and a well deserved entry into SI! Good luck!
rob ijbema said…
wow amazing news and amazing painting
such depth and movement!
Pam Holnback said…
CONGRATULATIONS! I am so thrilled for both of these accomplishments.
Edward Burton said…
Congratulations, Kim!! That is outstanding news! Fantastic painting.
Karen said…
I saw your name on that list and I was thrilled for you, too!! So happy for you!
Tracey Mardon said…
Congratulations Kim! I saw the Salon last year and was just stunned by the quality and quantity! Love the painting!
Dana Cooper said…
Congratulations Kim, this is stunning!
Congratulations on your acceptance into the Salon International. This painting is amazing and you are very talented.
Hi Kim. I haven't visited in awhile, but you're doing GORgeous stuff! Wow... It looks like you leapt up to the next level. Also, hey, congrats! :)
Congratulations and again... well deserved, Kim!!!

Both of the paintings accepted into the various shows are exceptional!!!
Janice said…
Congratulations! gorgeous painting!
Julie Hill said…
Just absolutely a stunner....of course it was accepted!
Ricardo said…
Hi, I love your work, I love the colors and light that you give very good job congratulations, greetings.
Congratulations!! A fabulous painting.
Stephanie Berry said…
This is a how you captured that diffused marine atmosphere. Congratulations!
Celeste Bergin said…
geez louise that is a good painting!

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