Circling Koi

6 X 6 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

When I pulled the reference photo for this painting I immediately thought it was the perfect composition for a square panel. I like how everything keeps my eye moving around and around inside of it.


Leslie Saeta said…
Simply fabulous! So loose and wonderful ... love it!
elsie said…
i am always attracted to images of Koi and this one is especially lovely!
Dana Cooper said…
Lovely and loose...great job!
Angela Elledge said…
Exceptionally beautiful, you were exactly right to paint this in a square format...very well done!
Edward Burton said…
Beautiful job, Kim - great format!
Kim, absolutely brilliant painting.
They are really swimming in that
pond, and the colours are fantastic. All the best.
Unknown said…
This is gorgeous! Isn't it in some cultures when a women dreams of fish, a baby is coming?
Erik van Elven said…
I love how your work is becoming more impressionistic in these small paintings. Simply beautiful.
LindaHunt said…
Wonderful image and the brushwork is spectacular. You really achieved movement in this painting!
Mary said…
Kim, your recent work is wonderful, vigorous, clean, and full of movement! Since we love to sail, I am especially impressed with your lovely, strong, evocative sailing paintings. Kudos to you for continuing to be so creative and productive as your due date nears. All the best to you and yours.
Hi Kim,

Love the colors and great movement of the Koi. Well done!
Janelle Goodwin said…
Ohhhh...... I love this one.
FANTASTIC!!! This is a subject I always have wanted to paint. I love the approach you used and how well you incorporated movement.

Have any thoughts on making this into a series and on a bit larger scale???