Locally Grown

8 X 10 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
Available through Copperwood Artware Gallery

This is the last painting from my recent oil pump series and it is my favorite. I thought these pumps were a relevant subject with the price of gas soaring. They are also machines that one day will vanish from the landscape as they become obsolete.

They seem so simple in our very technological world. All the pumps at this location have their own individual patina and sing their own unique song too. I was tempted to name them.

Well, this is going to be my last post for a while. I'm being induced today. Wish us luck and a speedy return to my easel (I will miss it terribly). I'll also miss all of you and will miss being inspired by your work!


:) lovely painting. lovely day. i'll be thinking of you. wishing you a easy, pain free delivery. :)
Unknown said…
I love the dark and subtle view of the derrick. So much for dramatic.

I was induced for both my babies. [ too warm and comfy to come out I guess] I hope it goes quickly and you recover quickly so you can give that baby lotsa lovin'! [ oh, and get back to painting between those feedings every 2 hours] Hugs!
Unknown said…
Kim, I like this very much..stable and quiet,colors rich yet subdued.
wishing you the best...
william wray said…
these are fun to paint and your getting better at them.
Edward Burton said…
Excellent job, Kim! Just the right amount of detail, great composition and wonderful colors.
Manon said…
Love the painting Kim!!

Good luck girlfriend!! We'll miss you but you have so much new joy on the way!!
Dana Cooper said…
Good luck today Kim, I can't believe you are posting...I can't post if I have laundry!
What an exciting time this is for you and your family! When you are ready to return to painting, we will be here too.
p.s. This is my favorite of your series too, it's fabulous!
Kim here is wishing you a fast , and safe delivery of a healthy baby girl.
Love this series!!!!!!!
The best is yet to come. Enjoy your new little life.
Happy and healthy baby!!!!
Can't wait to see the pics.

I really am blown away by these derricks... so nicely done!!
Bear Chick said…
I'm reading this late at night so I'm hoping that the new baby is here by now (you posted early this AM) and you're both safe and sound!
Lovely painting Kim. All the very best for the inducement, and may
God be with you.
Kim, I hope you and your baby are home soon and enjoying family life together.
r garriott said…
I's so glad you continued your derrick series. They are SO good.

Happy Birthday to your newest family member!
elsie said…
the soil, the sky... gorgeous!!
TheresaJ said…
Who'd have ever thought a painting of an oil derrick would be so beautuiful! Well done!

I hope things are going well. Looking forward to your return to the blogosphere.
Kim, I wish you an easy delivery and all the best to you and your family. My daughter was born Oct.l6th. I love your recent painting. Well done!
Hi Kim, fantastic painting. Love the lighting. You made the urban beautiful.

I imagine you being blessed with the new addition to your family. congratulations!!! Hope you're not feeling rushed to get back to the paints. Our babies grow up toooooooo fast. The paints will always be there, well that's my opinion.
rob ijbema said…
excellent kim
you really gave it some character
i like the suggested details,especially at the back
Mary said…
Kim, your derrick paintings are amazing--so well composed and with such lovely palettes! Thank you for posting them. It may sound odd, but I see a fanciful, yet real, relationship between these and the birds you paint so beautifully--the derricks could be great mechanical birds poised to feed. I hope that you and your WHOLE family are very well and that you had a joy-filled Thanksgiving.