Artists Choice Award 2010

At the opening reception for the Small to Large Show my oil derrick paintings won the artists choice award. There are many beautiful landscapes in the show and I am honored that my peers chose my artwork for the award.


Dana Cooper said…
That is so exciting Kim, congratulations...what a thrill!!
They ARE wonderful..

And your smile is wonderful as well, Kim!!
Congratulations, Kim! Well-deserved.
Denise Rose said…
Congratulations! So proud of you and your work!
They made a great choice. That is one of my favorites of your work.
Unknown said…
Congratulations! Wonderful painting.
Angela Elledge said…
Congratulations! I love this painting, yay for you and your hard work!!
bravo... well deserved kim! :]
LindaHunt said…
Wonderful painting...growing up in Wyoming I saw many of these!! Congratulations, Kim!!!
GREAT Kim. I love that painting.
Edward Burton said…
Congratulations, Kim! I love that painting too.
Congratulations, very exciting!!
Rick said…
Congratulations Vandie. Nice smile too.
elsie said…
Peer awards are my very favorite - that is a beautiful photo of you and your painting, basking in the "glow"!

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