American Artist Cover Competition Finalist

It's a huge honor to have been selected for the American Artist Magazine Cover Competition along with so many other beautiful works of art! While I didn't win the cover competition, I did get a nice write-up in the magazine. My painting "Locally Grown" was the only landscape chosen (how cool is that?!).

This has been a very popular painting, I hope you aren't tired of seeing it again and again.

Also, I will be teaching oil painting classes on Thursday from 9:30 - 12:30 in Costa Mesa, CA every week. Please contact me if you would like more details.


Denise Rose said…
Congrats Kim on the honor of being a finalist and I would never tire of seeing this painting!
Pat Koscienski said…
How cool is that? REAL COOL! Congratulations!
Stephanie Berry said…
Congratulations! That is an honor. It's a wonderful painting.
Pam Holnback said…
Congratulations! So deserving! And how fun to have won a marketing consultation!
Ruth Andre said…
It is very COOL and congratulations. Love the painting.
This is wonderful. I know those oil fields well.
Congratulations, Kim!!!!
No I never tire of seeing your work... and this is a lovely example!!

Happy Easter.
I was so excited this morning when I was sitting there eating my morning bagel and cream cheese and browsing through my newest magazine.... THERE YOU WERE!!!!

How cool is that!! I had seen your exciting news, but getting my actual copy was really special.. Although I don't really know you... I sorta feel like I do.
Jill Berry said…
From the warm foreground to cool distance, and from it's concept to composition your painting is simply grand. I enjoyed studying it again today, along with your great discussion of the hows & whys of it's creation.
After knowing your work on here, then seeing it out of this context, and in American Artist Magazine, I too had to brag- yeah, i know her... blog-friends.
Congrats on being chosen!