Guardian - Original Oil Painting of a Eucalyptus Tree in Sonoma California - California Plein Air Painting

"Guardian" | 10" x 8" | Oil on canvas panel 
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

When I arrived at this location one morning in Sonoma, California I originally planned to paint looking in the opposite direction. This view I found more interesting however. I liked the pattern of the bark on the eucalyptus tree next to the pattern of the oak trees on the distant hills. The house added some hard structural edges that I felt would offset all the other organic shapes.

With many of these giant eucalyptus trees being cut down in Northern California, I felt compelled to paint a few of them during this trip. Even though they are not native trees I associate them with California and will miss seeing them line roads and farms everywhere.


Jane Hunt said…
Really nice kim - I love your brushwork!