6" Squared Art Show and Sale at Randy Higbee Gallery 2014 - 6 x 6 Art Show - Group Art Show - Art For Sale - Holiday Art Show

"Go Angels!" | 6" x 6" | Oil on canvas panel | Available HERE

My work has been changing lately. This year I've spent a considerable amount of time thinking about which direction I want to go, what areas I want to work on and which aspects of my painting process I want to explore further. The resulting work has been a mixed bad of successes and dismal failures. Fortunately, I have more than a few years of painting experience under my belt I was able to look at the setbacks as stepping stones that were necessary to get me to the next painting. I have to say it's been an exciting ride and I've been pleasantly surprised at a few pieces I've managed to pull off. 

The painting you see here is one of those successful moments. My family and I had been given tickets to an Angels game. We were seated much higher than this view but I snapped this shot with my iPhone while we were marching to the top of Angels stadium to find our seats. We ended up at the very top next to the stadium wall and boy, was that a hike. The view was all-encompassing but a bit too high for the kids to really enjoy the game.  

In this painting, I wanted the slash of light on the baseball field to be as dramatic as I remembered when I was standing in Angels Stadium. In order to get that effect, I knew the surrounding areas needed to be much darker than they were in reality and I muted the color in the bottom and top of the painting so that the reds and greens on the field would pop out. The tricky part came with the three figures in the foreground. Those figures needed to read like they are part of the dark shadowy foreground but they still required some color to help tell the story. Again, I muted them and took out some of the saturation and kept the edges soft.

This was one of those fun painting moments all artists chase, when everything comes together and works. This painting along with two others will be part of the 6" Squared Show at Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. For more information about that show keep reading.

It's time for the 6" Squared Show and Sale

The 6" Squared Show and sale at Randy Higbee Gallery is one of my favorite shows to be part of each year. If you've never been to an art show this is the one to go to. The sheer volume of outstanding paintings in this show every year is staggering. Some attendees go to the gallery 2-4 times during the exhibit because it is so extensive it's almost impossible to take it all in with only one visit. Many of the best painters from across the U.S. enter work in this show, some are so elusive that this is the only time and place you will see their work on the west coast.

If you love original artwork but have never made a purchase at an art show or gallery before this is a great place to start collecting. With the small size of each painting there are many budget-friendly options and Randy's staff is always happy to help you make that special painting yours, just look for the people holding clipboards and running throughout the gallery (they get very busy so be persistent). A red dot next to a painting indicates that it is sold, something that happens very quickly on opening night, so if you are interested in a piece you should act fast before that piece you love finds another home to hang in. 

If you can't make it to Costa Mesa, CA to see the show in person, you can view all the artwork and make purchases online at www.DailyBrushwork.com