Southern Stroll - Original Oil Painting of the Beach - Crystal Cove Beach Painting - California Beach Painting - Beach House Art

 "Southern Stroll" | 10" x 8" | Oil on panel

With all the experimenting I've been doing in my work lately I took a break and went out to get in some plein air at Crystal Cove State Beach. The light that morning was constantly changing with clouds moving in and out, hiding then revealing the sun then hiding it again. I stuck with the general overcast feel of the morning since that light seemed to be the most consistent and I liked the color of the sky in the distance behind the last bluff. The wet sand and incoming water created a nice lead into the painting punctuated by rocks strewn on shore. People are always walking along this stretch of beach and I had to add a couple of them for interest and scale. This is a beautiful beach and one of my favorite places to paint. 


Unknown said…
Very nice feel to this of the sense of space and air. I've enjoyed looking at your blog and DPW site!
Diana Hobson said…
I love this! I tried painting using oil on canvas before but I needed it done the next day and it takes much too long to dry. It is really beautiful, though, and has a great look to it. The scenery of this art is very nice, too, it’s calming. Thanks for sharing!

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