Farmhand - Tractor Painting- Farm Painting - Rural Art - Country Art - Original Oil Painting

"Farmhand" | 9" x 12" | Oil on panel | ©2015
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This farmhand lives next to a pretty vineyard in Temecula, California. A few years ago I snapped a photo of it and finally got around to painting it during a gallery demo. Most of the shapes are boxes and fairly easy to paint. The hard part to get right are the wheels. What makes them tricky are the ellipses.

As a student my initial approach was to paint them as circles carefully attached to the bottom of the tractor (I realize this probably isn't a tractor but I don't know a thing about farm equipment so you'll have to excuse me). Since then I've done a lot more careful observation and discovered a few things.

Any wheel at an angle won't be a perfect circle, it will be an ellipse with more tread showing on one side. With these wheels they get a bit more complicated because they don't have hubcaps, instead, you can see inside part of the wheel. The center forms another ellipse but between the rubber tire and the center there is a "C" shape that helps it all look 3D.

Since this is probably easier to understand by seeing a visual I've included a diagram breaking it all down below. I hope you find it helpful.