Lexington Lake Reflections - Los Gatos Plein Air - Plein Air Landscape Painting - Award Winning Landscape Painting - Art for the Home

"Lexington Lake Reflections" | 8" x 16" | Oil on panel | SOLD

This one was painted on location during the Los Gatos Plein Air event in June. It was my last painting of the week-long event.

When I found this spot I wished I'd found it sooner because there were several paintings I could have created within walking distance. It was also one of those rare paintings that just seemed to come together all on it's own without a putting up much of a fight. There were no arguments, no questioning every stroke, no insults were hurled, no easels kicked over and no brushes broken. O.K. that's an exaggeration but, if you paint then you know what I'm saying.

In the end I was pretty happy with it and amazingly, so was the judge for the show Mr. Paul Kratter. Paul is a very talented artist himself and it was an honor that he gave my painting and honorable mention award.


Very beautiful landscape painting and so lovely colours !!!
Have a nice and creative day !!!