6th Street Bridge on a Saturday - 6th Street Bridge Artwork - Original Painting of the 6th Street Bridge - Historic Bridge Painting

"6th Street Bridge on a Saturday" 8"x10" oil on panel
Avaliable at www.KimVanDerHoek.com

If you follow my work on Facebook then you are probably aware of my current bridge obsession. It started when I heard that the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles was being torn down.

You know this bridge even if you don't "know this bridge" because it's been in dozens of movies and commercials. Grease was probably the most watched movie it made an appearance in. It's an iconic location in downtown L.A.Sadly, it is no longer structurally sound so the city is replacing it with an amazing new modern structure that promises to be more unique than the original.

I'd always wanted to paint it and after learning of the bridge's imminent demise I had a pressing reason to do so. I called up a painter I knew that lives in the area and a small group of artists met up to paint there.  All of us were so taken with the views in the L.A. riverbed we vowed to return and paint the heck out of it while the bridge was still standing.

This is the first in a series of L.A. bridge paintings from the area.


Wow...I absolutely love this painting.